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Cliff Cardinal & The Sky-Larks

Toronto based post punk/reggae band Cliff Cardinal & The Sky-Larks, honed by their hilarious and nefarious style, produce protest songs, love ballads and existential raps through an Indigenous lens.

Substance abuse, self-loathing and plenty of catchy hooks are rife within their music including their newly released album Suicidal Valentine.

Written while stuck at home during the Covid lockdowns Cardinal’s contemporary life became the subject of the latest release.  In the title track “Suicidal Valentine” Cliff pours out his heart over guitar and drum beat that offer a fuzzy sound matching the chaos of his mind at that stage of his life. The artist declares himself his lover’s sacrificial lamb through distorted vocals that display desperation.

Cliff Cardinal, the polarizing, Indigenous writer and performer known for his black humour and compassionate poeticism is joined by multi-instrumentalist producer/songwriter Justin McWilliams on bass and scene-heavyweight Patrick Ferrigan on drums.  

Plex press photo main_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Truly a visionary in his craft, Barrie, ON based award-winning hip-hop artist and producer Plex consistently releases hard hitting hip-hop anthems reminiscent of old school hip-hop that progress the civil rights agenda. His latest album Who Am I To Judge carries this banner proudly.

Plex has raised the bar amongst his Indigenous peers, while building a strong and relevant presence in Canadian Hip Hop.  Since releasing his debut solo album in 2009, Plex has toured across the US and Canada performing, teaching workshops to Indigenous youth and running his independent record label, New Leaf Entertainment.  

Following the release of “Great Ones (E’s Up)”, a track that topped the Indigenous Music Countdown, the critically acclaimed rapper debuts his newest project, Who Am I To Judge. The 12 track LP is curt – corporate greed and manufactured hate are a toxin in the veins of society. The uncompromising production features tracks condemning corrupt governments, cultural appropriation, uncanny wealth, and the toxic remnants of fake news and sinister intentions.

Who Am I To Judge is a polished example of professionalism and musical integrity. Each song is built from the bottom up with a pure-heart filled with discontent about worldly and civic issues.

Sandy Scofield promo_edited_edited.jpg

Sandy Scofield

Red Earth is the latest and much anticipated release from multi award winning and Juno nominated composer, musician and singer Sandy Scofield.


A Métis from the Saulteaux and Cree Nations (she is also French) from Treaty 1 Territory, Sandy hails from 4 generations of fiddlers, singers and musicians.


Produced by Scofield and Shael Wrinch, joining Sandy on this recording are Randall Stoll on drums, Brian Minato on bass, and Stephen Nikleva on guitar. 


Sandy also peppered the record with special guests Cree/Métis actor Tantoo Cardinal, Métis singer Andrea Menard, Finn Manniche, Sto:lo vocalist Deanna Newton-Gestrin and Mohawk hip-hop rapper Kinnie Starr.  Raven Kanatakta from Juno-winners Digging Roots lends his guitar savvy to “DNA”, a song about blood and ancestral connection. “Maskihkiy”, which means Medicine, is a traditional hand drum vocable song written by Ray Thunderchild and gifted to Sandy. 


Red Earth is dedicated to the memory of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 


Berk Jodoin

Berk Jodoin is an Indigenous singer/songwriter from the Northern community of Pierceland, Saskachewan.


Following the release of his 2nd album Half Breed, Berk took home the Indigenous Artist of the Year award and the album was #10 in the Album of the Year category at the 2022 Saskatchewan Music Awards! Berk was also nominated for a 2023 Canadian Folk Music Award for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year and was one of the Official Showcase Artists at Folk Alliance International 2023, Folk Music Ontario 2023 and Breakout West 2023!

Berk has been busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on his upcoming 3rd album entitled Fly Away and in true Berk Jodoin fashion he brings the honesty of navigating through this life to the forefront of his art. The debut single “Aces & 8’s”, out now, will have the listener asking “What’s the point of living if we’re all going to die”?


“I write what I know, and I write what I see, not many fairy tales go into my songs.”.

JC Campbell Main Promo_edited_edited.jpg

JC Campbell

JC Campbell is of Indigenous and European ancestry. Growing up with a father who sang the blues and a mother who loved classic soul and country, it seemed as if JC was predestined for a life of making music. With three albums now under his belt, the multi-award nominated, Winnipeg, Manitoba-born Campbell has hit his stride with his new release, Lately, a seven-song collection that brings together all of his influences, while offering powerful messages of hope in dark times.

1 - Resurgance Choice.jpg


Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and based in Toronto, Marc Meriläinen’s heritage can be traced to the Chippewas of Nawash, Cape Croker. Transforming the sound and image of Indigenous music has been one of Marc Meriläinen’s goals from the very beginning, and his prodigious output has been recognized in many corners, including the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, the Native American Music Awards, the Indigenous Music Awards, and Toronto’s Dora Mavor Moore Awards for the Performing Arts, along with invitations to perform at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the 2015 Pan-Am Games in Toronto.

“Land Of Skoden” and Resurgence follow the 2021 Nadjiwan concept album Star Nation, which Exclaim! described as “deeply nostalgic in its prog-rock leanings, but also so refreshingly new by virtue of Meriläinen's beautiful, vast tales and keen eye.”

F-105 Bio Pic 2022 - LA_edited.jpg


Din (formerly of The Soles), with his raw, expressive vocals, is the talent behind F-105.  Din released 5 albums with The Soles, performing hundreds of shows and festivals across North America, and garnishing multi-national radio play, including on Sirius XM.  As F-105, he released his first album in 2018.  The lead track “Rebel Girl” made its debut on national CBC radio on July 21, 2018. It also received critical acclaim with Din’s global Star Wars fandom fan base - with wide coverage on popular Star Wars podcasts, which resulted in a headlining performance at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. 

F-105’s latest EP F-105 III incorporates pop-punk and ethereal sounds and explores what is being left behind for younger generations.  This is most evident in the groovy yet cerebral lead single “Toys”. 


Kelly Fraser

Meriläinen Müsic is known for releasing singles and albums people love listening to. This is one of their latest releases with the very talented Kelly Fraser.  Kelly is a Canadian Inuk pop singer and songwriter, whose second album Sedna received a Juno Award nomination for Indigenous Music Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2018


Herbie Barnes

Herbie Barnes, an Anishnabe from Aundeck Omni Kaning on Manitoulin Island, is well known for his 30 year acting career with roles both on stage and in film. He has successfully filled the roles of director, actor, writer and teacher many times over, working throughout North America.

Although this is Herbie Barnes’ debut musical release, it has not come suddenly.

Faded Pages is a collection of songs that have been floating around for a while, in his head and around campfires and stages for over thirty years. They are about certain people who came into his life and left, but who still haunt him in wonderful ways. Music for Herbie has the power to heal and entertain.  It takes him back to better times and inspires him to create new memories.  If these songs can inspire others in the same way, he will be grateful.


Rosary Spence

Originally from the coastal Cree community of Fort Albany First Nation, off the coast of James Bay, Rosary Spence is a well-recognized Indigenous singer, steeped in time-honoured Aboriginal rhythms and styles.  Spence has also studied vocals at The Banff Centre For The Arts, and has been a featured artist on a variety of albums and collaborations with artists throughout her musical career, including a 12-track compilation titled "Women's Voices For Attawapiskat" dedicated to the people of Attawapiskat First Nation. Rosary Spence currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

The new single "I Fell In Love" is Spence's first release since her debut album (released May 2015) titled “Maskawasiwin”, a Cree word for Strength.



Voimaa is a new form of expression. Straying from tradition, performing dance and pop, Voimaa won’t permit expectations to dictate her creations. Voimaa has become the identity and process. She arose from the need to rebel against disappointed expectations – Voimaa is strength, and I am Voimaa.



In 2042, Earth becomes uninhabitable and humans are forced to evacuate. Some refuse, most of them Indigenous, and move underground. Their descendants survive into the distant future, anchored by ancient knowledge and practice. It is in this future where we meet STOiK, a group of Indigenous artists & warriors led by Gidochige which translates in Anishinaabemowin to "He plays music."



1gram of love should be added to everyone’s daily intake for a happier & more rewarding life! This is the philosophy that drives this exciting new band and EP. The release contains a mix of high energy dance and downtempo grooves that are sure to keep you moving.  While a new band and new release the song-writing team behind 1gram has years of experience.

Stella Rose was born to a musical family, so it's no surprise that music is in her blood. Stella writes and sings about a collection of all sorts of eclectic subject matter that she skillfully blends into an original repertoire that is both unique and captivating.

The other half of 1gram is acclaimed Indigenous musician and producer Marc Meriläinen. Over the years Marc has worked on numerous projects and in a variety of musical genres. Whether it’s rocking out with his multi-award nominated band Nadjiwan or producing new and emerging artists one thing is for certain, Marc is always looking to create new and innovative works.

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